The Greatest Story Ever Told About
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
Here is an article that appeared on many internet sites on Feb 22, 2019.  Society is so
dumbed down and like robots simply believe what they hear that they even believe this
lunacy without blinking an eye or even questioning whether it makes sense or not.  I
have cut and pasted the article below in case the link no longer works.   
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the link.  My explanation of what really happened is below the picture.
Elon Musk's SpaceX launches Israeli lander towards the moon.  The robotic lander is
the size of a washing machine and called Beresheet, Hebrew for the biblical phrase "in
the beginning".  Friday 22 February 2019
Israel is set to become only the fourth nation to successfully land on the moon
following a SpaceX rocket launch on Thursday night.

The robotic lander is the size of a washing machine and has been named "Beresheet",
which is Hebrew for the biblical phrase "in the beginning".  It was one of three cargo
loads carried by the Falcon 9 rocket, the most successful rocket used by billionaire
Elon Musk's private aerospace company SpaceX.

In addition to the Israeli lunar lander, the Falcon 9 carried an Indonesian
communications satellite, as well as an experimental satellite for the US Air Force.

Just as before, the Falcon 9 made a safe landing back on Earth, allowing SpaceX to
recycle the rocket - landing on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean.
The Beresheet robot will land on the near-side of the moon in mid-April after taking an
unusual route to the lunar surface.  It will undergo a two-month journey covering
roughly 4 million miles (6.5m km) as it orbits the Earth at a steadily increasing distance
until it falls to the gravitational pull of the moon.  A series of precision manoeuvres will
be performed before the lander's automated touchdown.

A successful "soft" touchdown would make Israel only the fourth state to ever land on
the lunar surface, after the US, Russia, and China.  An unsuccessful "hard" landing
would set it among a larger group that have intentionally crashed on the moon,
including India, Japan, and the European Space Agency.  The spacecraft weighs 1,290
lbs (585kg) and was built by Israel's non-profit venture SpaceIL and the state-owned
defence contractor Israel Aerospace Industries.

To land on the moon it received $100m, almost entirely funded by private donors.

Beresheet will spend just two to three days using the instruments on-board to
photograph its landing site and measure the moon's magnetic field.  The data will be
sent to SpaceIL's ground station Yehud via NASA's Deep Space Network.

At the end of the brief mission, the team at Yehud plan to simply shut down Beresheet,
leaving the spacecraft littering the lunar landscape.
Here is their 'brain surgeon" wrapping up the washing machine
in tin foil while bragging to "journalists"
So let's use a bit of common sense here to see what this is all about.   The article says
that the $100 Million was funded privately.  Once landed the onboard instruments will
photograph the landing site and measure the moon's magnetic field.  That's it.  That's
all you get for your $100 M.  After that the lander will be decommissioned and just sit on
the moon doing nothing.  

Now.....if I understand the way Jews do business, I would instead expect them to put a
24/7 live streaming camera on the lander sending back real time video of the spinning
globe for all of us to see even if we had to pay a small fee to do so.  This would make
huge revenues for their investors.   They spend millions making movies in order to get a
good return on their investment, but yet they let this one slip by as if no one can see
the commercial value in it.   What a bunch of crap.  No one is that stupid.  

I won't even bother to mention the route and time it will take to get there because that is
equally ridiculous.  

So make of it what you will, some of you will get it and others won't.