The Greatest Story Ever Told About
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
Christians around the world are being tortured, beheaded, driven out of their homes, and
persecuted in many ways.  It is hard to believe that this could be happening in this day and age, but
it is.  Why?  What did they do to deserve this?  Actually nothing, they are just being targeted
because they are Christians.  Radical Islam does not like Christians.   They see them as infidels and
enemies of Islam.   Atheists have waged war against Christians, being “offended” by Christian
symbols like the cross.  Satanists have asked for equal rights to display statues of Lucifer.  Thank
God that in the America’s Christians are still relatively free of persecution….so far, but that is
rapidly changing. America is no longer a Christian nation.  

What is happening to Christians around the world is in line with what end times prophecy teaches.  
Jesus said ” You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end
will be saved.”  By this he meant that there will come a time when the whole world hates those that
believe in Jesus.  That time is now.  And it is happening everywhere, some places more than
others.  Christians have been reduced to the bottom rung of the ladder, and atheism, devil worship,
and occult practices are rising in popularity.  

When one considers this it is obvious that we are indeed in the last days, the end times prophecied
in the Bible.  And it’s only Christians who know what is coming.  Those who are not Christians don’t
believe the Bible so they don’t believe that Jesus is coming back, that there will be a Tribulation
which will be the most horrible time to be alive, that 90% of mankind will be killed by wars, famine,
earthquakes, asteroids, tsunami’s, and other calamities. That the devil and his fallen angels and
demons will set up a world government, a world religion, and a world monetary system.  They don’t
know any of these things, but yet if you follow what is going on in the world you can see that the
stage is being set for all of these events to happen.  And non believers are going to have to live
through it.  There is no escape, nowhere to go, and nowhere to hide.  They can prep all they want
to, it will only buy them a little bit more time, but most won’t outlive what is coming.  

So what will happen to Christians during this time?  They will be in heaven learning how to use their
eternal bodies, being organized into work groups, and receiving their assignments for when Jesus
returns to earth with them to rebuild the earth under his rulership after the Tribulation is over.  The
earth at that time will be a war torn zone.  It will have to all be cleaned up and made habitable again.  
There will be lots of work to be done and it’s the Christians that will re-build the earth under Jesus’
direction.  Why won’t Christians have to go through the Tribulation?   Because they have already
chosen who they wish to serve, they don’t need to be tested.  The rest of the world does.  When the
devil and his fallen angels come to earth, everyone will have to chose who they wish to serve:  God
or them.  If you chose God, they will kill you.  If you chose them, you will be their slave.  The Bible
is very clear about this in Revelation 13 which describes what will happen when the devil and his
angels arrive.  And they will arrive.   You may not recognize them as being the devil and his fallen
angels, they may tell you they are here from another galaxy to help us, but that is who it will be.   
And then they will force everyone to obey them or be killed.   This is the ultimate test for
everyone:   Who are you going to serve.  

So the choice is yours.  Chose now, or chose later.  But everyone will have to chose.  If you want to
chose now, you can do so HERE.  If you want to wait till the devil comes, you will have to pay with
your life unless you join him. And if you join him, your only future is the lake of fire, because that is
where he is going.  I am not telling you something that I made up, nor do I want to scare you, I am
just telling you what the Bible tells us is coming.   You can do what ever you want with it.
I Would Be Terrified of What’s Coming if I Wasn’t a Christian