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Proof The Earth is NOT a Spinning Ball
From the first day we went to school, there was a globe in every classroom, and this is what we
were taught.   The earth is a spinning globe.   But is it true?  Has it been proven?  Most of us have
never questioned it, we just believe it is.  I am glad to see that now many are finding reasons to
doubt this unproven theory and providing very valid arguments to support their beliefs.  I too never
gave it a second thought before and just believed what I was taught.  But there are arguments
supporting the belief that the earth is not a spinning globe that are so logical that they should be
given more consideration.  And we don’t need formulas and theories, all we need is to apply some
common sense and observation.

Today I will deal with just one of those logical  arguments.  If the earth is indeed spinning at 1,000
mph then how come we can’t tell that it is?  My goodness we have all seen the devastation that a
Category 2 hurricane can produce and that only has winds of about 100 mph.  How can the earth spin
at 10 times that speed and yet we have perfectly calm days and don’t feel or see anything moving?    
A category 2 hurricane will bend trees, blow off shingles, and scatter debris.  And that is only 100
mph.  Can you imagine what a 1,000 mph wind would do?   

If you ask science to explain this, they say that the reason we don’t feel it is because the earth, the
air, and the clouds are all moving at 1,000 mph in the same direction.  What a ridiculous answer.  I
remember riding an ATV once on a rather windy day and I experienced something very unusual.  
When I went in the direction of the wind, it felt like there was no wind at all, probably because I was
going the same speed as the wind.  However, I could clearly see the leaves and branches of the
trees swaying and the grass blowing back and forth, and the dust from my wheels sort of hanging
around the ATV.   It was actually quite cool experiencing that.  But one thing I was absolutely sure of
was that the wind was blowing because I could see it.  And when I turned around and went in the
other direction, I could feel the wind blowing very strongly.  How come this doesn’t happen with the
earth?   If the air and clouds are moving at 1,000 mph, then obviously when we go in the opposite
direction we would almost be blown off the earth by the force of the wind.  Heck, we can’t even walk
in a hurricane, which is 10 times weaker.  Yet we can walk in any direction without feeling anything
when the air is moving at 1,000 mph?   Does this make any sense to you?  Are we really that easily

If we say that only the earth moves and the air and clouds don’t, then how come we can observe
clouds in the sky for quite a few hours when the earth is moving away from them at 1,000 mph.  In a
few hours we would never be able to see those same clouds because we would be a few thousand
miles away.  My goodness we couldn’t even see them in half an hour because we would be 500
miles away.  Yet none of this happens.  On a calm day, clouds stay in the sky for long periods of
time.  And if only the earth moves, then we would travel through several different weather systems
every day.   This is why they tell us that the air and clouds move along with the earth.   But that
explanation doesn’t hold water either.  If the air and clouds move at 1,000 mph along with the earth,
then how can the clouds stay soft and billowy?  At 1,000 mph they would not exist, they would be
blown to shreds.  Just look at the sky in a hurricane and you can see what I am talking about.  Yet
science tells us that nice soft billowy clouds are zipping along at 1,000 mph along with the earth.   

If the air and clouds move along with the earth at 1,000 mph, then how come we have days when the
wind is blowing from many different directions?   Some days we have a south wind, other days a
west wind, other days a north wind and so on.  How can this be?   If the earth, air and clouds are
moving in one direction (west to east) at 1,000 mph, then how could a wind possible blow in the
other direction?  No wind could blow from east to west because it would be blowing against air that
is coming against it at 1,000 mph.  Did you get that?   It would blow against air that is coming against
it at 1,000 mph.   This simply could not happen.   And how could a west wind blow faster than 1,000
mph because if it blew any slower it would never catch the air that is already moving at 1,000 mph.   
Can you see how totally absurd this is?    

So, let’s recap.  Is the earth spinning at 1,000 mph.   According to science:  Yes it is.   Is the air
moving at 1,000 mph along with the earth?   According to science:  Yes it is.   Are the clouds moving
along with the earth at 1,000 mph.   According to science:   Yes they are.    So there you have it, the
air is moving 10 times faster than a hurricane and you don’t feel or see a thing.   How absolutely
stupid!  Do they really think we believe this stuff.  Unfortunately many do, but it’s time to wake up
folks and realize that you have been lied to.  None of this is true.   It is simply IMPOSSIBLE.  It can’t
happen.    And if they are lying about this then why?  What are they trying to cover up?  And what
else are they lying about?

Why does this matter?

It matters because we don’t like being duped.  We don’t like being made to look stupid.  We don’t like
being told that something is true and then finding out that it is not.  We don’t like not being able to
trust them.  Because it raises doubts about everything else they say.  That’s why.  Even simple
common sense shows us how ridiculous these “truths” we have been taught are.  So where does
one go from here.   Well, hopefully you will think about this, and then do some research on your
own, and come to your own conclusions.  I’ve already done that.   A good place to start is at