The Greatest Story Ever Told About
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
The Most Deceiving Government Sponsored
Conspiracy About Our Universe.
Most people are now aware of how much our government lies to us.  It’s in the news every day.  
But this lie is much more sinister, more evil, and is intentionally intended to totally disrupt our lives
and deceive us.  The unfortunate thing is that most people simply bought into it without even
questioning it, but as with all conspiracies, the truth eventually triumphs.  And this conspiracy has
had it’s day because some brave men and women are now exposing the truth and the cover up.

The biggest lie that we are taught in school is about our universe.  Yet this is just a theory, not fact,
and has never been proven, but yet it is taught as absolute truth.  Sure, our teachers now and then
did mention that this was just a theory, but it was still taught as fact.  And this was the only thing
that was taught, no alternative theories were compared, mentioned, or tested against this theory.  
Since then everything we see, hear, and read reinforces that fact into our brains.  So this is what
we believe regardless of whether it is true or not.

In 1969 when the Apollo astrounauts supposedly landed on the moon, everyone watched their tv
screens in awe and for the first time actually saw the earth hanging in space.  There was no doubt
in anyone’s mind but that the earth was a spinning globe.  But what if this was all a hoax, what if it
didn’t really happen?  What would we believe then?  Today we have much better means of
determining if they really did go to the moon or not, and what we find is that even today jet
propulsion rockets are simply not able to get a man to the moon and back.   We also know that the
Van Allen Radiation Belts which start at 600 miles up are not possible to navigate through without
lead shielding on the capsule.  But this is prohibitive because of the extra weight involved.  And
when we check out the footage of the Apollo moon missions, we see several irregularities which
are unexplainable.  All this leads to more questions and doubts.

Then we start doing the math and asking questions regarding a spinning globe earth and find the
same irregularities.  Such as how come if the earth is spinning at 1,000 mph and it drags the air and
clouds along with it, we can have a perfectly calm day.  Have you ever been in a hurricane?  A
category 5 hurricane has winds in excess of 150 mph.  We watched those on tv where the roofs are
flying off houses, trees are being uprooted, anything not nailed down is flying in every direction.  
Absolute devastation.  And this is only at 150 mph.   What would happen at 1,000 mph.   Yet this is
how fast we were told the air and clouds and earth are moving.  

And when we were kids we would go to the park and ride a merry go round and have fun going as
fast as we could to see who would fly off first.  And we would go to the county fair and ride the
Rotor where the floor would drop down and we would stick to the wall as it went round and round.  
And then we ask, is this what makes the water stick to the earth as it’s spinning?  It’s supposed to
fly off the earth not stick to it.  That is what spinning motions do.  But we were told that gravity is
much stronger than centrifugal force, in fact it’s so strong that the moment you lift one foot to take
a step, gravity is pulling it back down, can’t you just feel that every time you take a step?   So what’
s the problem holding a few trillion quadrillion tons of water on the earth.  

And then we think, well, if the earth is moving at 1,000 mph then I’ll just get a helicopter and hover
a few feet off the ground and in an hour I’l be 1,000 miles away from here.  But if you were to try it,
it wouldn’t work, you would come right back down where you started.  And we are told that’s
because as soon as we go up in the air, we also are moving at 1,000 mph in the same direction as
the earth.  But then we ask, so does this mean that if I go in the opposite direction I am going to
face 1,000 mph headwinds.   Gee, I remember that a category 5 hurricane is 150 mph and I couldn’t
fly in that, how am I going to overcome 1,000 mph winds.  Or are you saying that the atmosphere is
Not moving at 1,000 mph.  But you said it was, so which is it?  

And the questions keep coming.  And when we look for answers all we find are elaborate
mathematical formulas and laws and explanations that most of us can’t understand.  So how do we
get our questions answered, and where do we start.  To most people it simply doesn’t matter.  And
this is why they can keep lying to us.  But for those that do want to know, to whom this does
HERE is a good place to start and then you can continue your research from there.