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Does the Bible Say That the Earth is Flat or a Globe?
The first sentence of the Bible says “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”.  It
then goes on to describe in more detail how He did it.  For thousands of years people believed this
account and only in the last 500 years or so has this changed.  So what happened?  Was God’s
version superseded by man’s wisdom?  As God said to Job.  ”Where were you when I laid the
foundations of the earth.  Tell me if you understand”?

What we have been taught about the universe has never been proven.  It is pure speculation, a
guess, a theory, nothing more.   But it has been taught to us as fact.  So how can we know if it’s true
or not?   Lately there is a lot of buzz about the world actually being flat and not a globe.  And there
is a lot of scientific evidence to support that.  Such as how come we can see the light from
lighthouses that are 60 miles apart when they should be under the curvature of the earth at that
distance?   How come pilots don’t allow for the curvature of the earth on longer flights but fly
parallel to the earth without having to lower the nose of the plane to do so?  What holds trillions of
tons of water on a spinning earth while a spinning wet object like a tennis ball throws water off as it
spins.  Why don’t engineers allow for the curvature of the earth when building train tracks, canals,
tunnels, and the like?  If the earth is spinning at 1,000 mph, how can airplanes fly in either direction
at their same speed?  There are far too many questions that science or mathematics cannot answer
and which don’t make any sense on a globe earth, but perfect sense on a flat earth.

The Bible says that the earth is immovable, that it is fixed on pillars, and that it does not spin or
travel around the sun.   This is totally opposite of what science teaches us.  So who is right?  On the
one hand we have science which relies on man’s wisdom and on the other we have God’s
wisdom.   About 75% of the prophecies made in the Bible have come to pass exactly as the Bible
said they would with 100% accuracy.  The other 25% have not been fulfilled yet.   With these kind of
odds, I would say there is a very good chance that the remaining 25% will happen exactly as stated
as well.  How does that compare to man’s predictions?   How right has man been about predicting
future events?  How right are his theories?   It seems they keep changing every few years.   First
the earth was flat, then it was round, then it was oval, then it was cone shaped?    Which is it

In all fairness, we should at least compare God’s version to man’s version and apply the scientific
facts to each one.  Let’s find out which one is real and which one isn’t.   Let’s see if scientists can
build a working model of the earth with 70% water and 30% land and spin it to show us that the
water will stick to the earth like they say it does.  This would settle the argument once and for all.  
Show us a working model so we can believe that it can work the way they say it does.  God’s
version is very easy to build and it does work.  The earth is flat with valleys and mountains and
rivers and lakes.  The oceans and lakes are in the valleys and the land is above the oceans. The
earth does not move or spin and the water finds it’s own level.  The North Pole is at the center of a
flat earth with land stretching out in all directions.  Antarctica stretches around the perimeter with
100+ foot high ice walls to hold the water in place.  

Science’s version is much more difficult to build because the challenge would be how to get the
water to stay on a globe and then how to keep it there when the globe is spinning.  If you have ever
been on a Merry Go Round you know what I mean.  And if this can only be done in space, then do
the experiment in the space station and show us how drops of water that hang in the air can cling to
a spinning globe.   Maybe this is why it’s never been done???   So then why do they tell us to
believe that it’s true?   You can read a full report
HERE and decide for yourself what you want to