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The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
ISIS is a Wake Up Call to Those Who
Believe the Post Trib Rapture
If you believe in a post Tribulation rapture then you need to pay very close attention to what is
happening in Iraq right now because this will be your future, only much worse.  The horror stories
we see and hear about ISIS are beyond belief, not only because it is happening, but because the
world is standing by watching instead of taking measures to stop it before it gets out of control.  
Thousands of new recruits are arriving from around the world to join this new movement.  Their
goal is to establish a Muslim Caliphate throughout the world and they are willing to fight to the
death for their cause.

In Revelation Chapter 13 the antichrist comes on the scene and sets up a One World Government,
a One World Religion, and a One World Monetary System.  All people will have to worship the
image of the beast and take the mark.  Those that refuse will be killed.   He will rule for 3 ½ years
until Jesus comes back and establishes his kingdom on earth.  Many Christians will be killed as
the antichrist continues to make war against them right up to the end.

So if you are a Christian who believes in the Post Tribulation Resurrection/Rapture, then what you
have to look forward to is being hunted down and killed for the entire 3 ½ years that the antichrist
rules.  And if you think what is happening in Iraq is bad, you will suffer even a greater fate than
they did because you won’t be able to buy or sell anything and Christians will be hated all over the
world.  So I suggest you have a family meeting and advise your family of what they will have to go
through.  Your wife and children could be raped and tortured right before your eyes and then have
their throat slit and their heads chopped off and stuck on poles.  Then they will kill you the same
way.  And if you think this won’t happen to you because God will protect you, then consider this.  

In 70 AD when the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed somewhere between 600,000 and 1.1
million Jews (depending on who’s numbers you use) were slaughtered.  The young, old, crippled,
and strong.  The rest were taken away as slaves.   Why did God not protect his chosen people?   
During the second world war over 6 million Jews were slaughtered.   Why didn’t God protect
them?   In Iraq right now thousands of Christians are being tortured, beaten, raped, and murdered.  
Why isn’t God protecting them?   You had better get your faith up because if you truly believe that
the Bible teaches that you will go through the Tribulation then this will be what you will be facing
and it’s highly unlikely that God will protect you from it.

Of course I don’t believe that the Bible teaches that.  The Bible very clearly teaches that the
Tribulation starts at the 6th seal and that the Ressurection/Rapture happens at that time.   So if you
are a born again Christian, you will be raptured at that time and won’t have to go through the
Tribulation.  It might even happen next month on the Feast of Trumpets.  Don’t take my word for it,
check out what the Bible teaches about this and then you can relax and do God’s work until he
comes to take you home.