The Greatest Story Ever Told About
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
We’re Living in False Prosperity #2 But
This One Will End Differently
I used to wonder how the USA became such a prosperous nation so quickly being a rather new
country compared to Europe or Asia.  But that was before I understood how money works.  Since
then I have realized that they really are not a prosperous country, they just look like they are but
actually everyone is in debt.  So if debt is a sign of prosperity then yes they are prosperous.  

After the Great Depression of the 30′s when so many people had their savings and assets wiped
out, and especially after the second world war, America had several decades of incredible growth.  
So much changed so fast.  It seemed that the prosperity would last forever.   And aside from a few
small hiccups along the way it did.   Right up until 2008 when the first major meltdown took place.  

How was this achieved?  It was achieved through convincing the consumer that debt is a good
thing.  That you really can “fly now and pay later”.  You can have it all now, a new home, a new car,
furniture, clothes, just sign on the dotted line.   By promoting this kind of false prosperity the seeds
were sown and the consumer gobbled it up.  They played right into the hands of the banksters and
big business and became their slaves forever.  But the consumer didn’t see it that way, they
actually thought that they were prospering especially when their home went up in value year after
year.   So they took on more and more debt and bought more and more stuff.   Eventually being in
debt became the norm.  No one thought of paying off their debt, their only concern was whether
they could afford the payments.  

And so a society changed forever.  No one owned anything, they just thought that they did.   The
banks owned it all and the consumer made them very rich and the banksters allowed them to enjoy
their make believe lifestyle.  And so a society went from owning their assets to being in debt.   
From no debt, to manageable debt, to unmanageable debt, to bankruptcy.  This was the new
normal, but then came 2008 and the mini meltdown.

Anyone who was in business in 2008 realized how quickly one could lose everything.   The
consumer panicked.  He stopped buying.  The system could not function without the consumer
constantly buying.  It began to implode.  Businesses began laying people off, cutting back,
liquidating, it was a critical time for the economy.  Then the banksters once again stepped in as the
saviors of the world.  They began bailing out banks and businesses that were “too big to jail”.  They
tried to stabilize the economy and to a degree they succeeded.  But things were never the same
after that.  Which brings us to today and False Prosperity Round Two.  

Today many are still waiting for a turnaround.  They still think the economy will improve.  It always
has so it should this time too.  It just takes time and everything will be fine.  That’s because most
people don’t understand how money works.  The Fed will take care of it.  Their QE1,2,3, and to
infinity will get things going again.  And so they live on hope.  And the banksters are slowly letting
out the line to reel them in again.  They are making things look better by manipulating the numbers
and the stock market, and interest rates, and everything else.  They keep making promises and
statements that reinforce the consumers belief that everything will be okay.  And like a turtle
coming out of his shell, the consumer is once again believing these liars and is starting to spend
again.  Slowly, but with ever increasing confidence not realizing that they are being played once
again.  And once the banksters get them in debt again, they will throw them under the bus and
drive over them.

This time it’s very different than all previous recessionary periods.  This time the banksters have
painted themselves into a corner and they know it.  But they are not the least bit worried about it
because that was their goal all along.  Get the everyone in debt, then crash the economy and take
all their assets.  And they have succeeded.  The consumer is mesmerized and addicted to debt.  
Interest rates have been near zero for several years now.  Banks can’t make money at near zero
interest.   Cities, municipalities, states, and the federal government are all in huge debt which
keeps growing.  The consumer is in debt.  No one owns anything anymore, the banks own it all.  
And whenever they want it, they will raise interest rates and it all falls into their lap.  The consumer
becomes their slave forever.  So does the state, the cities, the country, and the people.  And they
will have acquired all this without even using any of their own money, they just print whatever they
need to play this game.  Heck they will even rent the consumer their own house back to live in.  
See how nice those banksters are.   

Yes, things are a mess, but only for those that don’t understand the game.  Those that do are
preparing themselves because they know what’s coming.   During every economic crisis there are
always those that gain and those that lose.  To be one that gains all you have to do is understand
the system and position yourself accordingly.  Forget the day to day chatter and look at the bigger
picture.  The fundamentals are still in place, nothing has changed, their plan is still the same.  So
get ready because all hell is about to break loose.

Here’s more good advice.  “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and
vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.  But store up for yourselves treasures in
heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.  
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”