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Why Good Things Happen to Bad People
The age old question is why do bad things happen to good people and why do good things happen
to bad people.  But is this true?   Do you really think that more bad things happen to good people
than good things happen to bad people?   What about good things happening to good people and
bad things happening to bad people.   How do we compare all of this and does one stand out more
than the rest?

I don’t think so.  I think we just believe that bad things shouldn’t happen to good people that’s why
we notice it more.  And that good things shouldn’t happen to bad people.  It’s because we live in a
world which is performance based.  In other words, if you are a good person you deserve good
things.   And if you are a bad person then you deserve bad things.  Why?  Because that’s the way
we believe things are supposed to happen.  It’s a rewards for works program.  That’s why we can’t
get our head around the opposite happening.  But it does.

None of us are immune to how life works.  Accidents happen.  We get sick.   Some die young,
some die old.  We make choices.  Some are good choices and some bad.  Some are in the wrong
place at the right time and others are in the right place at the wrong time.  That’s just how things
happen.  But somehow we don’t think that this is right.  We simply cannot accept the fact that if
some of us are not rewarded when we think we should be rewarded and punished when we
should be punished that there is some mysterious force that manipulates each situation or that
some have all the luck and others don’t.  

This is where some people blame God for their misfortune.  “How could God allow that to happen”
is a common expression that most of us have heard.  It’s the mentality that God is supposed to
stop all evil from happening especially to good people because they don’t deserve it. And yet
even Christians aren’t immune to bad things happening to them.   And even some Christians
blame God when things don’t go the way they think they should.  It’s like we are supposed to live
in a perfect world where nothing bad happens to us and if it does, it’s somebody else’s  fault.  
Never ours.

Well, there is a perfect world coming, but not in our lifetime here on earth.   That is impossible
because we are all imperfect and as we interact with each other those imperfections are bound to
create bad situations that we have to live with.  And we all either create or experience those bad
situations depending on which end of the deal we are on.  Sometimes we create bad situations for
others and sometimes they create them for us.

This is why the Bible says “Do not judge for those of you that judge others do the same kinds of
things”.  In other words we are all imperfect and we should learn to tolerate each other’s
weaknesses and imperfections.   That is the only way to live peacefully with each other which is
much better than the strife, division, and hatred that we practice now.

This is what the Bible describes heaven to be like.  A place where everyone arrives in the same
way;  by believing that God’s ways are better than their ways.  By being willing to learn from God
because we trust Him and believe that He wants the best for each of us.  By allowing God to be our
teacher, guide, mentor, and friend.  By realizing that God is perfect, forgiving, loving, and someone
that has our best interests at heart and we are imperfect and in need of His guidance. Then and
only then can we live in total peace and joy with each other.  Because we are all on the same page
and going in the same direction with the same goals and desires and having the same teacher that
we all trust and want to learn from.  Would you like a life like that?