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Why It's Best We Don't Know When
The Rapture Will Happen

An age old debate is when will the rapture occur.  Will it be at the start of the tribulation, mid way
through, or at the end.  And countless books and articles have been written on each view.  But
surely they can't all be right, there is only one rapture.  Does the Bible tell us when it will happen?   
Well, yes and no.  

The Bible does not specifically tell us that the rapture will happen on a certain day and hour.   In fact
Jesus said that no one knows the day or hour except the Father.  But yet we are told to be ready
and watching for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Would it not be so much easier if
we knew?  Maybe not.

What if the Bible did tell us exactly when the rapture would happen.  How would that affect us.  
Greatly, and in many ways.   Just think if you knew that the rapture was going to happen next year
on June 14.  How would you live until then?  Would you quit your job and go on a long vacation?   
Would you continue in your studies if you were in University?   Would you work hard to get a
promotion?   Would you start a business?  Probably not.  Not if we knew For Sure.  And I believe
that this is why God in his wisdom doesn't tell us.  I believe we can come close to knowing the
approximate time, but not the day or hour because the Bible says that only God knows that.

One thing we know for sure is that the rapture will happen.  And we also know that it will happen at
the start of the tribulation.  How do we know that?   Because the Bible clearly teaches that no one
goes to heaven until the resurrection/rapture.  So when we see a huge multitude standing around
the throne of God in Revelation 7, we know that the resurrection/rapture has happened.  You can
read my study on After We Die for the scriptures and explanation.  But what year, month and day
will this happen?  Again, we can only come close.  God gave the nation of Israel 7 feasts to keep
every year.   This is found in Leviticus 23.  Jesus already fulfilled the first four feasts.  Will he fulfill
the last three?  The chances are very good that he will.  Next up is the Feast of Trumpets.  Because
of the scripture reference to the "last trumpet" it is likely that the resurrection/rapture will happen
on that feast as this is what the Jews do on the Feast of Trumpets, they blow the trumpet several
times, and the last blast is a long one.  

So now that we have it narrowed down to the Feast of Trumpets the next question is which year?  
And this is where it gets cloudy.  God works in seven year cycles.   This was established in
Deuteronomy 15 and even though most of Israel does not observe this anymore it does not mean
that God doesn't.  Because the tribulation is a seven year cycle, it cannot start in the middle of
another seven year cycle.  It can only start at the beginning of the next seven year cycle.  Sounds
like we can figure it out quite easily now doesn't it.  Trouble is, no one knows when that is because
we have lost count.  There is a Feast of Trumpets every year, but on only one of those years will it
start the new seven year cycle.  So the best we can do is be ready every year until it happens.  It's
the same with the years.  What year are we in?   No one knows for sure.  The Jews say we are in
5776 in 2015-16, but even that could be out by several years.  

So all we can do is be ready, keep on with our lives, and one of these years on the Feast of
Trumpets, we will be out of here.  Until then, there are still many who may never get to know Jesus
unless we tell them.