The Greatest Story Ever Told About
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
Evolution, Dinosaur, and Big Bang Lies
Most people simply believe what they hear and what they are taught.   The main reason is
because by nature we are trusting.  We don't believe that we are being lied to.  This is why
the "father of lies" can feed us lies and we will believe them.  Secondly, we are too busy to
do our own research.  We have jobs and families and social events which take up most of
our time.   We don't have time to check everything out, so we just believe that the
authorities really do have our best interests at heart.  Thirdly, we have become a generation
that is totally preoccupied with social media, sports, movies, music, and other
entertainment that we don't have time to learn about things that are really important, like
how money works, and world events, we leave that up to the politicians to decide for us.  
And all in all, life is still relatively good, so we don't have to be concerned about it.

But for those who do their research, who don't simply believe what they are told, these
people find that a lot of what they were taught is not true.  We were brainwashed into
believing it and no proof what so ever was provided.  Our trusting nature accepted it and it
was reinforced into our brains over and over again.  Here are a few examples.

When we started school, every classroom had a globe in it.  And we were taught that this is
our world.  All through school this concept was reinforced and no alternative was offered,
so what else could we believe.  And even though it was occasionally mentioned that this
was just theory, it was taught as fact and we accepted it as such.   We were also told that
our ancestors were apes.  There were charts and diagrams, and historical evidence of a few
bones here and a few there that made up these "missing link" beings that confirmed this to
us.  And the same was taught to us about dinosaurs.  Huge creatures that roamed the earth
millions of years ago.   And even though they went extinct millions of years ago, the legend
lives on and is very profitable for those promoting it.  

Here is what we were Not taught.  In contrast to the Big Bang, the Biblical account of
creation.  It is just as valid as scientific theory but is never taught in public schools
because that is "religion" and doesn't apply to scientific research.  All scientific research is
done on the Big Bang model, so why even consider any alternatives.  The same is true for
evolution.  The Biblical account cannot be taught as an alternative because that has
nothing to do with science.  We were also not taught that the word dinosaur was not even
mentioned before 1842 and no one ever heard of these creatures before then.  Neither were
any bones found before that.

So why were we taught all this?  If you do your research you will find that none of it has
been proven, it's all theory.  But most people believe it.  Why?  Because we were told to
believe it, that it was true, and no alternatives were offered.  And most people never
question it, there was no need to.  The propaganda machine churned out the stories based
on speculative events and discoveries and that was good enough for us.  The authorities
confirmed that it was true.  The sun rises and the sun sets, that's good enough.  Whether
the earth revolves around the sun or the sun revolves around the earth doesn't matter.  It's
not important.   But here is why it is.

Because when you do your research and find that you have been lied to, many questions
will come to mind.   Like Why?  Why would anyone want to lie about all this.  What is their
advantage of doing so?  And the answer is perfectly clear if you dig deep enough.  The
reason we were taught these lies is to keep us from the truth.  It's a grand deception to turn
us into ignorant servants.  Let's remember that for thousands of years no one was taught
these lies.  They didn't exist.  The Big Bang didn't have it's origin until about 500 years ago
but didn't gain traction until about 200 years ago.   Evolution and dinosaurs about 150
years ago.  These are new concepts.  Not because man is so much smarter now, or
because new discoveries proved that it was so, but because we are being set up to believe
what we are told and not to think for ourselves.  That is what the master plan is all about.   
That is the delusion which many people have bought into.  And not only bought into, they
now are the spokesmen of this same delusion to deceive others.  The Antichrist is coming,
and when he does, he will set up a one world government, religion, and monetary system
and all who don't comply will be killed.  This is what we are being set up for.  And those
who believe these lies will end up in the same place as the one who deceived them.  And
many will fall for it because they have been preconditioned to do so.   Are you one of them?

There is not enough room in this article to include all the research I have done on this, but
if you want to explore the things you were Never Taught you can do so on my website.   
Read The Evolution and Dinosaur Hoax and the Our World articles and decide for yourself.