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Big Bang Explained
Once upon a time a lot of stuff got squeezed into a small space, then it exploded.  And
that explosion over time caused everything like planets, air, oceans, unicorns that
eventually became dinosaurs, and people.  Very similar to when I forgot to set the timer on
the microwave and Boom, there was stuff all over the place.    

Our little solar system was formed when somehow over millions of years the right stuff
somehow came together and formed a sun which just keeps burning itself up but never
does, but that is okay because it produces light and heat for us.  There are many other
earth's which are also spinning and they also travel around our sun in perfect orbits
without bumping into each other because there is a special force that was also created at
the time of the explosion which keeps it all together in perfect harmony without any fender

The moon is a reflection of  the sun's light because it has a surface which is covered with
special dust which somehow all found it's way to the moon at the same time, and it mostly
does this at night.  Sometimes it is in the sky at the same time as the sun which means
that the people on the other side of the world will have no moonlight that night.   And
sometimes when the sun is on the other side of the earth the moon still shines because
sunlight can actually go right around the earth to reflect off the moon surface because
that's how it works.  

And somehow, just by chance, the earth keeps spinning and spinning without slowing
down and probably never will.  Even the spinning top on my desk eventually falls over, but
not the earth, because it's in a vacuum and can spin forever.  See how perfectly round it
became just from spinning.  It threw all that other junk off itself many millions of years ago
which is now spinning space rock.  This spinning space dust and rock will eventually
become many other little planets which are being formed the same way our earth was.  

And the moon is also spinning, but the dust never flies off it because it is necessary to
reflect the sunlight or else it would be way too bright especially at night.  And the moon
got hit by a comet a few million years ago and that collision resulted in the moon spinning
in such a way that the side that the comet hit it can never be seen.  This collision also
created a lot of space dust which is also going to become many mini planets in a few more
million years.   You see everything is eventually going to become something if you give it
enough time.

The sun is also very very far away, and sunlight is the fastest thing in the universe.  It
never stops, it just keeps on going and going because the universe is many trillion light
years across, and that is just the known universe.   Actually there are many many other
universes much bigger than ours outside of our universe, we know they are there, but we
haven't seen them yet.   Maybe some day we will.  Anyway, what's important is that the
formula's work, and they do, that is how we know they are there.   

All of this of course is just theory, it would be unfair to ask anyone to prove it because no
one has lived that long, and those that have can't remember most of it.   They remember
hearing a big Boom once though.  So that is how it all happened, at least this is what they
told us in school and I believe them because they can't be wrong, that is why they are
teachers.   Besides there was a mini earth in the classroom which you could spin for
yourself to see how it all works, so it must be true but this one was mounted on a stand
because there was no vacuum in the classroom.  

I don't know why these scientists find this stuff so confusing that they need mile long
formulas to figure it out.   To me, it's very simple and it works.   That's how I see it.  And
it's not only me, many people also believe this because they were taught the same thing,
that's why it's true.  Gotta go now, the Big Bang is also on TV tonite.   For more Click Here.