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Have you ever walked into someone's house where you could literally "feel" the tension.  Did
you feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck?  Did you feel uneasy as if someone was
watching your every move?  Maybe it's the spirits from the people or those that reside in the
house that you felt.  

Whenever I move into a new home I always demon proof it.  Because I don't know who lived
there before and what kind of spirits they may have attracted, I want to make sure they don't
remain there.  If left alone, these spirits can continually cause strife and you wonder why there is
no peace.  Your home should be a place of rest and peace.   A place where you can escape from
the stresses of life and work.  It should not be a place where that continues.

What I always do is this.   Before moving anything into the house, I walk through all the rooms
and in a loud voice I command any spirits, devils or demons to leave immediately in Jesus'
name.  I tell them that I no longer want them there and they have to go.  I also place the blood of
Christ (symbolically) on all the windows and doors in the shape of a cross while I am doing this.   
I go through every room in the house and do this everywhere.   

Then I ask God to send angels to watch over my house, so no harm of any kind would come to it.  
And then I invite the Holy Spirit into my home and give him authority over it.  I pray that the love,
joy, and peace of God would rest on my home and on everyone in it.   I also proclaim that if
anyone comes to visit who has a demon, that demon must stay outside, it is not allowed into the

And then I know I can live in peace.

I did the same thing with my life.   I proclaimed in a loud voice that I no longer want to have
anything to do with the devil or his demons.  I proclaim that I am a child of God and that I choose
to serve Jesus for the rest of my days.  I tell all devils and demons that by the blood of Christ and
the Word of God they are to have nothing whatsoever to do with me, my family, my mind, my
possessions, my work, and anything else that is mine.   And I ask God that according to Hebrews
1:14 if any demons don't comply, that He should send angels to grab them and throw them into
my cage and hold them there till the day of judgment.  I give God a standing order to do this
whenever they disobey as I will NOT tolerate their disobedience to this.  

My cage is literally that, a cage made of steel bars which is in the heavenlies.   I erected it many
years ago, and whenever any demons would attack me, I would ask God according to Hebrews
1:14 to catch those little rascals and throw them into my cage.  One day many years ago, in a
moment of weakness, I released all the demons that I was holding.  Wow, was that ever a
mistake.  Soon after that it seemed like all hell broke loose in my life.  I sure learned a good
lesson there.   After that, I made sure that I Never released any of them.   In fact, I took a few real
bad ones and sandwiched them between two metal grills which I placed upright and fastened so it
would not move from it's place and placed a sign above it that reads "This is what happens to any
demons that attack John".    It is still up there and the demons are still squished in there and will
be until the day of judgment.   They really hate this because they like being free as anyone does,
but I have put them in "jail" so now they can't torment anyone else.  

So whenever something suspicious happens in my life, I always say "Lord, IF this was caused by
a demon, I pray that you would send angels to grab those little suckers and throw them into my
cage."  Sometimes things happen due to circumstances or by the luck of the draw, but just in
case it was demons, I make sure they don't get away with it.   

If you do this and are very consistent at it, once the devils and demons know that this will be their
fate if they cause you any trouble, believe me.... they won't.
Demon Proof Your Home
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