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The New Continent
This is the composite of the earth that the
Brazilian research team created.  They also
claim that they have found a new continent
that is separated from our known world by
a huge ice wall.  Apparently they sent up a
huge balloon with a camera and that is how
they found this new discovery.  

Many questions can then be asked as to
what this new continent is and what it will
be used for.  I don't see anything in the
Bible that describes this either.  However, I
do have an idea what it could be.
End times prophecy in the Bible tells us about the lake of fire where the devil and his
angels will spend eternity.  Jesus says in Matthew 25 that this lake of fire was created for
the devil and his angels.  The survivors of the Tribulation will be separated by Jesus into
two groups; sheep and goats.  The goats will be cast into the lake of fire because they did
not listen when God sent 3 angels to warn them in Revelation 14.  The 3 angels flew across
the entire earth and warned everyone that if they take the mark that the beast (antichrist)
will force everyone to take, they will spend eternity in the lake of fire.  Some of them
ignored the warning and are then cast into it.  

Before Jesus' return, the lake of fire did not exist.  Jesus will most likely create the lake of
fire when he returns as this is where he will send the unbelievers and the devil and his
angels (each in their own time).  

Then after Jesus rules the earth for 1000 years the final judgment of all unbelievers will
happen.  They will come alive (they will not receive eternal life, they will just come alive)
and each one will be judged according to what they have done as recorded in the books
(Revelation 19).  Then they are cast into the lake of fire where they will serve their sentence
after which they will perish.   It is estimated that about 100 billion people have lived on this
earth since the beginning.  If we take 70% as being unbelievers that is still a huge number
of people along with the devil and his angels.  

We are not told where the lake of fire will be, but it will be first used when Jesus returns to
earth after the Tribulation.  Because the devil and his angels will be in it forever and ever, it
will remain in use forever, even after God creates the New Heavens and Earth.  When God
does create the New Heaven and New Earth, some aspects of the present earth will remain
and some will be changed.  For example, there will no longer be any sea but the sun, moon,
and stars will remain.

Therefore, I believe that this New Continent will be the Lake of Fire that is described in the
Bible.  It fits with scripture and could be possible.   An ice wall separates it from the earth
now because it's time to be used has not yet arrived, but when it does, Jesus will dismantle
the ice wall and prepare it for it's designed purpose.  God knew from the beginning how
this would all end, so when he made the original heavens and earth, he also made the place
that the lake of fire would be when the time came to use it.  That is my guess.....