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The rapture of the church will bring about one of the biggest changes on earth since Noah's flood.  
When over 1.5 billion people are instantly removed from society, the impact will be overwhelming.  
It will affect the entire world as Christians from all over the world will be suddenly taken away.  Let's
look at some of the impacting issues.

Most people today the world over are living on borrowed money.  More so in the industrialized
world, but even in developing countries.  This has become our way of life, "fly now and pay later".  
Everyone owes money on their house, car, and credit cards and just pays the bank a certain amount
every month in order to keep using the goods.  When these people are suddenly removed, who will
make their payments?  No one.   So the banks will start foreclosure on their houses, but they will
have so many houses to foreclose on that they won't know what to do with them all.   When you
suddenly have a huge influx of homes on the market, that will drive down the price substantially.   
This means that the banks will have to take huge losses even if they do foreclose and are able to
sell the property.   And they won't be able to collect on the money still due after the foreclosure sale
either.  The same thing will happen with cars.   Most new cars are financed.  When the payments
stop, the cars will be repossessed and sold.   But for how much?  Again with a huge influx of used
cars for sale that will force the price way down and the banks will take huge losses.    And with credit
cards, they won't even have anything to reposess or sell, that will be a full value loss.  This could
take down many financial institutions and cause them to go bankrupt.  

Let's look at another aspect.  What happens when you suddenly remove 1.5 billion consumers?  You
produce a surplus of all goods and services that those consumers used to use.  This creates a glut in
the system which creates huge price reductions which begins to work it's way back to the producers
resulting in more unemployment and price cuts.  And this results in more defaults on loans and
higher unemployment as factories and producers go out of business.  

Those 1.5 billion people will also not be paying any more taxes.  No more property taxes, sales tax,
income tax, or any other taxes.   Governments, cities, and states all depend heavily on taxes as their
source of income.   A reduction of taxes means a reduction in the maintenance and services
provided which means more lay off's and higher taxes for those that remain.   

And what about all the jobs those people did, who will replace them?   Of course there will be many
jobs available, but even worse than that, there will be many jobs available with no one qualified to fill
them.   How do you replace an electrician or a plumber?  As a result, this could greatly hamper any
new construction and maintenance projects for quite some time.   And what about essential services
like doctors, dentists, nurses, and so on, there will be shortages all over the world, so those people
won't even be able to be brought in from other countries.  Those that remain in the work force will be
stretched to the limit and the rest will just have to wait.

These are just a few examples of how the rapture will impact the world.   It's not even conceivable
as to how much will be affected until we are living in it, but one thing is certain, the effects will be
absolutely devastating.  The re-adjustment period will create huge problems in all markets.  The
economic impact will be huge and beyond what we could imagine as the domino effect kicks in.

Personally, I believe that this will happen at the end of the last year of the last seven year cycle
before the tribulation.  Looking back, the last year of the seven year cycle has always brought
economic disruption and I believe that this will be the "big one".  And it all fits scripture with the
rapture happening on the Feast of Trumpets (the last trumpet) which begins on the last evening of
the last day of the seven year cycle before the new year and the next seven year cycle begins
which I believe will be the Great Tribulation which is also a seven year cycle.

Knowing this gives Christians an opportunity to get ready for it.   For example, we need to make
sure that we don't leave our assets to another Christian as they won't be here.  And we need to
make it easy for our beneficiary to access our assets or they will have long and expensive legal
battles trying to prove that you are dead.   Then again, if your assets are not paid for, well then you
need to decide how you wish to handle that.....
How the Rapture Will Change the World